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 Rpg Rules & Character Creation

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PostSubject: Rpg Rules & Character Creation   Sat Jul 19, 2008 11:05 pm

OK so here are the rpg rules.
And how the rpgs works.

Now for those who really dont wanna read a freaking novel to learn about it, here is a simple version.

Ok so you start as a Beginner and as you advance in the rpg you raise your rank higher. The highest rank is Legendary god but that is far away.

Now you see the rpg area on the forum down below.
Well each area is a rp area where you rp your journey. You start at the jump dojo and you rp with a moderator telling what happens and what enemies you fight and then when you have 5 pages in that topic you can move on to the next area and so on.
Your goal is to become as strong as possiable get to the last area and have fun! ^.^

Now for the battle system

You rp normally, just as you would. Then a moderator counts up how many words you have in that post and for how many words you have in there is how much attack points that post has.
Then your oppenent does the same and you and your oppenent compeat to defeat each other by making better attack posts and dodging there posts. Now When you create your character there are things you need to be aware of.
You have about 300 points to divide between
Mana is the energy or chakra that you use to do to super awesome powerful attacks.

Here is how you create your character.

Age 16
Appearance: *Instert here*
Personality: *Insert here*
Bio/history: *Insert here*


The first one takes up to 10 or 20 chakra. 30 max.
And can be 20 to 40 damage max.
But if its 10 damage its 10 chakra and so on.

Lightning Charged Shuiken Throw! 10 damage, 10 chakra
Sasuke draws a shuiken or kunai from his bag and quickly charges it with his elemental energy and swiftly dashes at the enemy throwing it straight at the oppenent, darting at the enemy with full speed.
If hit the attack can be devastating.

The next attack can be 50 to 60 damage.
And if its 50 damage then its 50 hp and so on.

Here is an example

Katon Houken Jutsu (Grand fireball jutsu) Long range. 50 damage 50 chakra.
Sasuke does his hand signs quickly and shoots a massivly large fireball that covers a whole area and burns with the firey passion of the uchiha clan.

Now the third attack can be from 100 to 120 damage this time only takes 80 to 100 chakra.

Here is an example.

Grand fire dragon jutsu. 100 damage, 80 chakra
Sasuke does a long about of hansigns and blows out a gigantic dragon made out of pure flame that tourches an entire field and destroys the enemy in an instant! If it hits that is...

Now the last one can be 150 all the way to 200 damage. And can be from 120 to 200 chakra.

Heres an example.

Chidori! 200 damage-200 chakra
Sasuke does some extremly quick hand signs and thrusts his arm down to the ground creating a large about of elemental energy usually lightning and forming it around his arm to strike his oppenent with massive force and extreme power. If this attack hits its over for the oppenent, unless of course they are pretty strong..

Now you do that and such yeah ^.^
So theres the simpler version. If you want the freaking longer version just for more clarifcation of the rules and such click on the spoiler below.
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Rpg Rules & Character Creation
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