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 Kai Matsumoto

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Kai Matsumoto

Kai Matsumoto

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PostSubject: Kai Matsumoto   Sun Sep 14, 2008 9:27 am

Name: Kai Matsumoto

Age: 18

Appearance: Avatar

Personality: Takes no pity upon anyone no matter what, self confident, never likes to go easy. However when not in a argument or life threatning event he is an easy going person who is easily approachable and stands up for the little guy.

Bio/history: Born in a remote village to which he was well known due to his family being expert builders having built most of the villages accomodations and various stores. He is renowned for his fighting skills and mind warfare to which he can out smart any opponent he comes across via physcologically or tactically. Kai is not a ninja nor a warrior, he calls himself a 'Demon Guardian' due to his right arm being black and claw like giving him immense stamina. He is also fond of the odd cigarette generally taking drags during conversations and travelling.

Weapons: Katana x2 // Shuriken // Whirlwind Shuriken (Big shuriken xD)

Hp: 150
Mana: 150

Stamina: 3
Endurance: 2
Speed: 2
Mana Magic:1

Attack 1: False image 20 mana. A false image of kai appears before his opponent leading them into a false sense of security to which he attacks from their blind spot. >20 Damage<

Attack 2: Sword Art 30 mana. Both of Kai's Katana turn in form, one being a flame element to which does fire damage and the other an ice element freezing most things. >30 damage<

Attack 3:Paralysis 50 mana. Kai uses mind tricks to make his opponent believe he is being attacked by Kai however this paralysis is feel so real as the opponent feels real pain. >50 damage<

Attack 4: Dancing blade 120 Mana. One thousand swords appear around the opponent and as Kai plunges his katana into the ground the swords dart at his opponent at fast speed leaving no time to run but only to block off most of the assault. >120 damage<
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PostSubject: Re: Kai Matsumoto   Tue Sep 16, 2008 2:30 pm

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Kai Matsumoto
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