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 Learning about Gold

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PostSubject: Learning about Gold   Sat Jul 19, 2008 11:47 pm

Ok so basically gold is something you get when you beat a fight, do something for the site or make a gift for me or the moderators. ^.^ *Like for instance Make a fan art or sprites or comic dedicated to use*

We will also give out random gold whenever we fee like it so watch out. ^.^

Now here is the gold chart.

Each fight you beat
+10 gold

Each fight you beat that is double your level
+20 gold

Everytime you help out with the site or have a suggestion that is picked
+50 gold

Everytime you make a gift for us *Just out of the kindness of your hearts*
+20 gold.

If you do a request for us moderators
+50 gold.

And so on and so on.
And you can use this to buy stuff at the npcs and shops.
Alright well enjoy!
Happy Rping! ^.^
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Learning about Gold
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